Strategic Planning

We support organizational growth through the development of research-based strategic plans. For each project, we dive deep into the current state, articulate goals, conduct benchmark research, and create an action plan with recommendations.

Minnesota Children’s Museum

What did we do?

For the Minnesota Children’s Museum, we developed a strategic plan for education programming. We conducted benchmark research, interviewed in-house executives and educators about departmental goals and objectives, and analyzed output from focus groups (facilitated by CB White) to develop recommendations for future program development.



Chicago Urban League

What did we do?

For the Chicago Urban League, we supported organizational capacity building by developing a “playbook” to integrate processes of three different departments. We conducted internal research, created a new operations plan, and facilitated a large-scale training for implementation.


Civic Consulting Alliance

What did we do?

For the Civic Consulting Alliance, we supported strategic planning and capacity building on engagements with the City Colleges of Chicago, Public Building Commission, and Mayor’s Office of Chicago.

For a separate engagement, we researched and wrote a book celebrating the Alliance’s 20th Anniversary.